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Bringing together close to 50 years combined experience in the online world, the Karob Partnership formally started in July 2019 with the goal to establish and maintain a solid portfolio of products, brands and clients where all involved profit.


Karob works with clients to sell products online in a mutually profitable manner. Karob is also selling it’s own products online, staying current, active and aware of the issues facing retailing businesses in the fast changing online world.


01. Strategic

We take a long term focus with all our client engagements. Looking at the eCommerce business holistically and establishing roadmaps that will thrive with the test of time.

02. Professional

At Karob, we are both pragmatic and quality focused. We work with you, with engagements structured with Karob ‘skin’ in the game. This gives you the confidence that Karob is working in your interests.

03. current

Karob is active with multiple clients & ourselves in many markets around the globe. This gives us real time  visibility on changes and associated opportunities,


Seasoned eCommerce Professionals

Karen thomson

Marketing Partner

eCommerce Marketing specialist.

Close to 20 years experience in eCommerce and Online Marketing, Copywriting & Ghost writing, Social Media Strategies and online retail marketplaces. 

Rob Adams

Operating Partner

Managing Karob Operations.

Background in Technology Consulting with more than 30 years experience in the online world.


What We Do Best

Solid foundations

Facilitating the Planning & Setting Up the sales, social media and advertising channels

Operational Readiness

Working with the business to ensure the customer experience is positive, the processes sustainable and the sales profitable.


Working with the business to maintain the Ecommerce activity with monitoring, support  and campaign management.

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