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key functionality & components for selling online

A primer for selling online – explaining the key steps and terms for selling online.


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Let’s unpack how to sell products in the modern online world. There are many opportunities to manage costs and retail effectively through online sales channels. Lets deconstruct how retail works online. 

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With the right products, you can reach many more customers selling online than with physical stores.

Online selling

Terms Explained

Starting with SKUs, they need to be presented to the public from the Store.

Product Listing

Presenting the products with the appropriate images and information needed to assist the consumer with deciding if this is the product to meet their needs.

Product Catalogue

The collection of product listings, presenting the product range for the customer to select.

components of online stores

Sale and Fulfillment

Shopping Cart & Check-out Service

This component of the store takes the customer’s selection of products and facilites the sales processes.

It requires the integration of an appropriate Payment Gateway. 

Payment gateway

This is a key technical service that facilitates the transfer between the customer and the merchant.

Payment service provider

Payment Gateways enable a Payment Service Provider to securely gain permission from the customer to  transfer funds to the Merchant (as well as facilitate refunds). This can involve a number of other organisations including Banks, credit providers, online account managers.


Stock On Hand

Stock needs to be on hand to sell effectively online. Customers expect you to fulfill the order promptly, communicating the availability and delivery lead time at the point of sale. 

Managing logistics

Stock location is proscribed, selling online enables using a 3rd part to handle the stock on your behalf. So the order could be stored and fulfilled from the supplier directly, through physical stores or warehouses including some marketplaces (like Amazon).


This is a critical part of the customer experience. When buying online, customers want to know when the product will arrive and when.

The key here is communication, it is best practice for stores to provide tracking with couriers in relation to the delivery of the parcel.

consider the customer

Customer Experience

Customers place trust in the Merchant to deliver on their order. The customer experience needs to be factored into all aspects of the sale from the images and the copy of the product listing through to parcel receipt, feedback management and returns policy.

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Selling Online 

Through Covid-19, many consumers have sampled online retail out of need. They are now more comfortable and prepared to shop online. As a retailer, not having an online sales channel means missing out on a massive market. 

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