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What we Do Best

At Karob we are best at setting up and bedding in your retail presence on Online Marketplaces around the world. Working with you to establish your marketplace store(s), setting up SKUs, their listings, along with optimising the supply chain and sales lifecycle. 


Online Marketplaces

80% of Australians shop online and 97% of them buy from Online Marketplaces.

Your business needs to have your products where your customers can buy them.

Why not sell like our existing clients to the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore & Japan. 

Around the world and in Australia, Amazon and Ebay dominate the Online Marketplace landscape in the retail sector. In Australia there are a number of others including Gumtree, Bunnings, Kogan, Catch, Facebook, Market, The Iconic, Greys Online, Mydeal, Temple & Webster etc.


Reach New Customer Segments

Don’t be limited by physical boundaries, reach new customers in new segments.

Grow Your Customer List

Engage and grow your customer list through online marketplaces.

Increase Brand Awareness & Trust

Further reach of Online Marketplaces increases Brand visibility and consistency.

Drive Online Traffic

Marketplace presence increases traffic and can drive traffic to Socials, Online Stores and physical stores.   

Move Stock

As well as core SKU opfferings, Online Marketplaces can be used to move excess, slow moving and seasonal stock.

Sell A Bigger Range

Online Marketplaces are great for offering a wider range and to Market Test products.

Go Global

Sell your products internationally through  Online Marketplaces – it massively increases your potential customer base.


The Karob Method

Research & Roadmap

We analyse your Brand, Supply Chain & SKUs to identify opportunities and hurdles then formulate your Roadmap to selling effectively online.

setup in marketplaces

Work with your team to setup your Online Marketplace presence including SKU listings, optimisation and promotional strategies.

Monitor & Optimise

We work with your team to build your presence online and solidify sales. We do this  through online promotions and organically. Optimising listings, keywords, Promotional & Social campaigns. 

is an online marketplace right for you?

Our Pragmatic Modular Approach Fits Into Your Business

Our modular approach starts with Analysis and outlining a pragmatic Roadmap for your business to sell effectively through online marketplaces.

Towards the end of the initial phase, we will work with you to decide how far you will take your business into the Online Marketplace world, the costs, the effort and the opportunities.

We break the subsequent work into modules, collectively delivered in 14-16 months, as we work with your team to establish your business in the agreed marketplaces, working through the operational logistics and be selling effectively.

engagement terms

Terms That Promote Your Sales

Our pricing links our profit with your profit from your Online Marketplace Sales. Our fees cover the basics, yet we don’t profit unless you do. Expen