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eCommerce explained

eCommerce is the buying and selling of products and services (Commerce) using internet connected applications or web-pages.

Intro to ecommerce

eCommerce Sales Channels

The internet has matured so that In 2020 there are a number of ways to perform commerce activities without the risks and issues of the past. Today selling products directly to retail consumers using the internet is more streamlined and secure than ever before.

Selling Online has seen many businesses come and go, try many things and out of the early chaos have emerged 3 forms of sales channels:

  • Online Stores
  • Mobile Applications
  • Online Marketplaces


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Stores, Applications and Marketplaces

Online Stores

Online stores are retailer specific stores, where one supplier is providing products for sale. Generally these are stores built on common technology back-ends, enabling the set-up and management of the sales processes without a significant amount of customisation.

Common Online store platforms include hosted services like Shopify & BigCommerce, and more customisable options include WordPress/WooCommerce & Magento,

These all have strengths and weaknesses in relation to the experience for the customer and the operational overhead for you and your business.

Mobile Applications

Across the world, more people have access to smartphones or tablets than they do to computers. As a business you can sell online through an application on the customer’s phone. 

Unfortunately it is not an easy task to get people to be aware of your App and for them to be motivated to download it and use it regularly.

Mobile Application require ongoing maintenance as the mobile environment is constantly changing with new security threats and upgrades to the operating environments.


Online Stores and Mobile Applications provide you with control of the customer experience. Done well, this will enable your business to foster an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Largest Online Marketplaces

Largest Online Marketplaces

Logos of the largest Online Marketplaces in 2019 by sales.
All image rights owned by the respective organisations.

Online Marketplaces

Marketplaces are a single location online for many merchants to sell their products collectively. With a massive range, potential customers can browse a huge range of products in one place.

There are hundreds of these marketplaces selling regionally and globally with thousands of people purchasing at any time day or night. In the Western world Amazon and Ebay generally dominate, yet Alibaba with it’s various brands are the world’s largest. The combined sales of Ebay and Amazon were less than 50% of Alibaba in 2019.

More than $2 trillion dollars was sold through online marketplaces in 2019, at around 58% of all online sales.

The top 5 marketplaces accounted for 85% of all Marketplace Sales

Top 5 Online Marketplace Dominance in 2019 

GMV of Sales in 2019


Portion of 2019 Marketplace Sales


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Online Marketplaces

Karob works with clients to set-up and sell where most consumers are shopping, Online Marketplaces.

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